TIC Events

Events, conferences, seminars and workshops attended, organized, lectured by TIC staff and students.

Visionary Seminar Series

Scott Fraser hosts selected speakers throughout the year.
Upcoming speakers include:

Date/Time/Location Speaker Title
11.00am/MCB 101

Peter Butler, M.D.

"Cellular dysfunction in diabetes and dementia, fighting to live another day"

For more information contact somma@provost.usc.edu

Past speakers :

Date/Time/Location Speaker Title
3.30pm/RRI 101

Grazyna Marta Palczewska, PhD

"Two-Photon Ophthalmoscopy with Low Laser Power"
1.00pm/RRI 101

Arash Kheradvar, M.D., PH.D.

"Emerging Trends in Heart Valve Engineering and Translation to Clinical Medicine"
12.00pm/RRI 101

L. Mahadevan

"Towards a geometrical and physical basis for morphogenesis"
12.00pm/RRI 101

Amy S. Lee

"Glucose Regulated Proteins in Health and Disease: Molecular Mechanisms and Therapeutic Potential"
12.00pm/RRI 101

Changhuei Yang

"Fourier Ptychography and deep tissue imaging with optical time-reversal"
2.00pm/RRI 101

Keith Cheng

"Pan-Cellular Tissue Tomography: Enabling quantitative 3D phenotyping of optically opaque tissues at cell resolution"
2.00pm/RRI 101

Viviana Gradinaru

“Visualizing the Activity and Anatomy of Brain Circuits: Optogenetic Sensors and Tissue Clearing Approaches”
1.00pm/RRI 101

Mary Loeken

“Regulation of embryogenesis and stem cell characteristics by metabolism: Insights gained from study of birth defects in diabetic pregnancy”
12.00pm/RRI 101

Denise Montell

“Life, Death and Resurrection at the Cellular Level"

Special Seminars and Invited Speakers

TIC hosts special speakers throughout the year.
Upcoming speakers include:

Date/Time/Location Speaker Title
12.30pm/RRI 101

Gregory T. Reeves

"Formation and interpretation of the Dorsal/NF-κB gradient"

For more information contact FraserTIC@usc.edu

Past speakers :

Date/Time/Location Speaker Title
1.00pm/RRI 101

Carlos Carmona-Fontaine

"Role of Extracellular Metabolites in Multicellular Organization"
10.00am/RRI 101

Lord Winston

"The Two Cultures: The Puzzle of Las Meninas. Hidden disease in Renaissance painting"

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